July 5, 2016

Waddles: The Most Amazing Pig In The World!

Sydney and I, the creators of this blog, have been really great friends for years, and over these years, we have developed together a love for one of my favorite animated series, Gravity Falls. As we both gain knowledge as our friendship grows, our curiosity for this mysterious series continues to spread, which leads us to share our understanding of Gravity Falls with the world and you.

As a Gravity Falls fan, have you ever wondered how the animators used their brains and created Waddles, one of my most favorite characters on the show? One day when I was feeling creative, I decided to try and draw this chubby little pig and it turned out pretty well. In the following post, I will give you step by step instructions on how to draw Waddles The Pig in his common position:

Before you start, you will need:
~ a piece of paper
~ a writing utensil (preferably a pencil with an eraser :)
~ and an imagination! :)

*TIP: If you want to perfect your drawing, I would recommend a picture that is printed so you have an even better reference point to sketch from :)

Waddles Sitting Up

1) Start with the basic outline of the body:

*I recommend doing a rough sketch of the outline so you can retrace it in the last step of the drawing to make it darker and easier to see

2) Then add the facial features:

*I would start with the nose and mouth first, then take your time and make the eyes the same size, with the right eye a little bit higher than the left, since it will have an additional circle around it

*Since his head is tilted, you can slightly tilt the entire face to make sure the drawing is align
(now are you seeing why you need an eraser! :)

3) Finally, add the finishing touches, such as the tail and the signature mud spots:

*If you know what an eggplant looks like, you can sort of base the big mud spot on an eggplant shape, and draw a squiggly line across the rear of the pig to show he is in mud

*Darken a small section of the foot to make the hoof  more visible

*If you are having a hard time with the tail, below is a closer look at Waddles' cute little tail :)

*As a final touch, darken every line you have drawn to make Waddles stand out a little more

So cute! :)

TADA!!! Now you have a finished (and hopefully cute :) drawing of my favorite character, Waddles The Pig!

*Please comment and give us any ideas that you would like to have us write a blog post about, such as theories, our opinions, and even more characters to draw!

June 25, 2016

Gravity Falls Fan? Here are some cute craft ideas!

My friend an I are HUGE fans of the animated show, Gravity Falls. Today, we decided that it would be fun to make some Gravity Falls crafts! Here are the crafts that we did!
Here are clay models of Mabel, Dipper(who's real name is actually Michael!), and Waddles. Made from polymer clay.
This is the author's(Ford's) first journal. Made from an old journal covered with red-painted paper. I used tin foil for the hand, the corners, and the eye glass. On the back of the journal, there is the circle of symbols that can be used to defeat Bill.
These are Dipper(aka Michael) and Mabel balloon dolls. They are made of one or two balloons, brown, rough yarn, and fabric. Dipper has a large magnifying glass, and Mabel has her signature grappling hook!
If you are interested, I have another blog about middle school: